Monday, February 1, 2016

How to Properly Grip a Handgun for Defensive Shooting

As responsible 1911 pistol owners, it's important to understand how to safely grip and operate our handguns at all times. A proper handgun grip will make all the difference in accuracy, stability and security, especially when dealing with close-quarter situations. There are several acceptable shooting grip configurations, and it's important to choose a grip that works best for you. But, for those who are looking for the most advantageous way to grip their pistols, our good friend Michael Seeklander has put together some of the best instructional videos on the web. Michael has spent years creating and perfecting his arsenal of helpful videos that focus on accurate, defensive rifle and pistol training. He competes competitively throughout the United States and is a respected Law Enforcement Officer and trainer.

In this video, Michael focuses on the proper pressure and hand placement necessary to reduce recoil and side-to-side movement, which increases stability and accuracy. He focuses on the 3 most important aspects of firing pistols: managing the sites, the trigger and the recoil. When properly focusing on these 3 points, it forces the pistol to return to the firing position immediately after the trigger has been pulled. The right amount of pressure depends on how the pistol reacts once fired. The most important aspect, managing recoil, is key to accurately firing multiple shots from one position with the tightest groupings possible. Michael also covers the different types of trigger pulls, as well as how to adjust your grip to maintain accuracy when firing at targets from different distances.

As gun owners, we should always keep our skills as sharp as possible. The more we know about gun safety, the more we can reduce accidents in tactical situations. We hope that by sharing information from one of the best professionals in the field that as many gun owners as possible will be reminded to periodically update their skills to ensure they are operating their firearms with the upmost accuracy and safety. Handgun safety is the most important aspect of gun-ownership and the more informed we are, the more likely we will avoid accidents and understand how to react accordingly in the event of an actual emergency situation. We hope you find these tips informative and incorporate them into your own training routines and the routines of your friends and family. Check out Mike's other videos on proper firearm safety and tactical training procedures for law enforcement and civilians.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Firearms Selection at 1911 Custom Solutions

At 1911 Custom Solutions, we have a wide selection of custom-made 1911 firearms from the most respected brands on the market. We have professional gunsmiths that assemble our guns and our guns ship out within 24 to 48 hours of purchase.

We have pistols from Wilson Combat, Les Baer & Ed Brown that have been fully customized with the features most desired by competition shooters, gun enthusiasts & professional law enforcement officers who rely on tactical precision. Our 1911s are the most reliable, best looking pistols and can passed down as family heirlooms for generations. Our pistols are for those who truly appreciate quality craftsmanship and respect for the time and effort that goes into the construction and assembly of these classic pistols.
We have recently become the newest Authorized Stocking Dealer for NightHawk Custom Firearms. We have several of their top models in stock, all high - end, full custom, one of a kind models in stock and we will be increasing our inventory. Just like any of our other brand that we represent, if we do not have the exact 1911 pistol that you want in stock, please just give us a call. Our relationship with NightHawk Custom is tremendous and we can offer expedited build times just tabs just as we do with Wilson Combat. We now carry they most diverse number of brands along with the largest quantity of full custom 1911 pistols anywhere in the USA!

If there was ever a time to invest in a quality firearm, it's now. These pistols will grow in value over time and will provide years of accurate firing in all situations. Visit our selection of 1911 pistols in our online store for more information or stop by our gallery in Houston, TX.